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Barcodes on Reports in D365 Business Central

Barcodes & QR Codes on Reports in D365 Business CentralI want to print barcode on the report in Business Central but Business central is SaaS application. Therefore, we can’t install barcode font on it. So, how to print barcode on reports?
Here, I have created one codeunit which send the data (which we want to convert in barcode) to the REST web service and receive the barcode in response.
codeunit50100 Barcode { procedure DoGenerateBarcode(varBarcode: Code[100]; BarcodeType: Integer; var tempb: RecordTempBlob temporary) begin Clear(tempb);
// Empty Barcode Value ifBarcode = ''then exit;
// Barcode Type Selection caseBarcodeType of 0: BarcodeTypeValue:= 'c39'; 1: BarcodeTypeValue:= 'c128a'