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How to add editable field in Ledger Entries in Business Central?

  How to add editable field in Ledger Entries in Business Central? Many times we need to make an editable field in the business central on Customer Ledger entries or General Ledger Entries or Item Ledger Entries. On the Ledger  Entries, we can not add directly editable fields on the page because these Ledger Entry pages are designed to not allow modify fields because of below code. So, I want to add field called comment on the General Ledger Entries. Now, what we can do if we want to add editable field on the General Ledger Entries? Firstly, we will extend table and add comment field and then will extend general ledger entries and add our field at the last. tableextension   50261  tableextension50261  extends  "G/L Entry" {      fields     {          // Add changes to table fields here          field( 50261 ; Comments;  Text [ 250 ] )         {              DataClassification  = CustomerContent;             Caption =  'Comments' ;         }     } } pageextension   502

Field Group in business central

  How to setup field group in business central? We can display a dropdown control on a page with the help of field group in the business central. This is the same thing that we are practicing in navision but the only difference is the style of defining field group. We can define field group in the table or table extension. In table object, first we will define field groups control then we have to enter one more control called fieldgroup(<Name>;Field) in the business central. We can use DropDown or Brick as Name to display data tile. Field is a comma separated list of fields. Important Points that can be taken care while using field group A field group can also be used to specify fields that display when list pages are shown in the tile view. The  fieldgroups  keyword cannot be taken before the  key  control. The syntax for using a DropDown, must be same DropDown  with the right keyword. Here to give an example of field group, I have taken one table and there I have added field gr